Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Voicing over . . .

I first found out about VoiceThread from K-3 Teacher Resources, of which I am a member. Until recently I used to receive monthly newsletters - now I have signed up for RSS feeds and I am constantly being updated about new resources. They provided a link to a VoiceThread that demonstrated how it could work in a classroom. At the time I thought that it would be a wonderful resource to use in the classroom - creating class online books, or retelling excursions were two ideas that came to mind.

VoiceThread itself provides ideas on how it could be used, and there is also educational blog that provides information on ways that VoiceThread can be used (for a variety of ages and year levels).

From reading the blogs of my fellow e-learners, this is a tool that they all seem to be most engaged by (and I agree). As an e-learning technology it provides a higher level of engagement and interactivity than a Powerpoint demonstration. It allows all the voices of a group to be heard (whilst providing anonymity in the form of Doppel Me avatars that can be uploaded).

A learning activity that I instigated in my Prep Class was Humphrey the class bear. Students would take him home and write about what they do with Humphrey at their house. It was a great success - however, having examined all these wonderful tools, a blog could have been created detailing his adventures, or even a VoiceThread. I created a "teaser" for what could be done and added to as an ongoing project.

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