Monday, August 17, 2009


I have enjoyed the on-line quizzes that have been part of previous courses, as well as this one. They have given me a chance to see what I know prior to attempting a subject, as well as demonstrating my learning as I progress through the course content.

In playing around with ClassMarker, I had to keep in mind that I am currently with Prep students - most of whom are just commencing their own reading and writing journey. I tried to download some photos from Flickr (using links), but when I tested it, the photos did not come up. In trying to edit this, ClassMarker asked for the image to be opened in another window.

Not one to give up easily, I then attempted a quick quiz on Fairy Tales, using Multiple Response as the type of answers to be given. I was looking at Year 2 students, who may give variations on an answer (eg Grandma, Grandmother). I failed my own test - I did not put my seven dwarves in the correct order, I did not use the correct case. So, through trial and error, I opted for multiple choice answers instead. Try the Fairy Tale quiz, using the following:
User name: jane4358
Password: 123456

I then discovered shared online tests within ClassMarker and had a look for a number test that I could use for prep students. I did find a test that had been created that used symbols (black only) to represent the numbers that the student then had to identify. Unfortunately, this test would not engage my prep students - I have just introduced them to Rainforest Maths which is interactive, colourful and engaging for the early childhood students.

I was struggling to find a way that I could use this tool. Amanda described how ClassMarker can be used in an upper primary classroom. Through reading her blog, I can see that this is an effective tool to use for formative assessment items, as well as collaborative creation of quizzes for peers.

In looking at my learners who have a preference for visuals, I looked at Powerpoint quizzes, and found two tutorials that were easy to follow. They gave step by step instructions on how to make a more visually appealing quiz.

Simple Quizzes in Powerpoint
Powerpoint Quiz

In an earlier blog, I also provided a link to a site that provided templates for creating Powerpoint quizzes.

I know that it will depend on my student cohort, their learning styles and needs as to which tools I will implement in the classroom.

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