Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wonder-blogs that I am following.

I love finding inspirational blogs. I would like to share the following with you.

Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning is a great website. The authors are pre-school educators based in Melbourne. Their pre-school centre is play-based and includes beautiful, inviting learning environments for children (as well as providing me with a wide range of ideas!)

The other must-read blogger is another Australian - Kathleen McGeady. I follow two of her blogs - her own and her classroom blog. One day, I can only hope to achieve in the classroom what her students are currently producing.

Interesting ICTs - Beebots and iTeddy

I am becoming excited about the types of ICT tools that can be used in a Prep classroom. I am lucky to have access to a Beebot and wow - were the children engaged!

I had a large grid on which I had placed all the students names. Their challenge was to work out how to find their name. They were all engaged and actually clapped each of their classmates when their turn was finished (whether or not they had got it right). I am now asked on a daily basis if the Beebot can come out to play!

Our focus Jolly Phonic letter this week was 'Bb' - and Beebot was one of their brainstormed words.

I'm looking forward to creating Beebot slalom challenges, and other grids with numbers, letters and sightwords. I also want the students to make a path out of blocks for the other students to navigate with Beebot. I'm looking forward to going to a PD called "Count me In" to find out more ways that the Beebot can be used for numeracy.

In a classroom without an interactive whiteboard, it is my challenge to find new and engaging ways to incorporate ICTs to enhance learning experiences.

My new purchase is an iTeddy. I have yet to introduce him to the class, and I am about to get me an Easi-Speak microphone. More about these later . . .