Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Virtual Filing Cabinets.

I cannot believe the amount of free sharing and storage devices there are - and I have the feeling that I have only scratched the surface.
I now know about and use:
Google docs - free document sharing/storage
You Tube/Teacher tube - free video sharing
Slideshare - free sharing and storage for powerpoints, audio files, documents, pdfs - free music sharing and storage
Mahara - open source e-portfolio with storage facilities
Flickr - free photo storage and sharing
podcasts - free audio and videos
Mediafire - unlimited uploads, downloads and 100mb per file.

I have read comments in other blogs about how assignments can be lost due to a computer glitch or crash (yep, had that one happen), had a USB stick that didn't work on the uni computer (yep - that one has happened also), different versions of powerpoint that are not compatible, a USB is left at home on the day of presentation, or lost completely!

Fortunately (or otherwise) there are no more excuses for not handing in our homework! There are other means of storing and sharing our precious things. How easy will it be to carry our work around with us and keep it filed for future reference or updating. My home computer has extra hubs and hard drives and I'm losing track of how many "sticks" I own. Thank goodness for Media Fire! I will be able to keep everything that is currently in a myriad of places in one easily accessed site. What a joy!

In the spirit of sharing, I have uploaded an observation matrix that I have been using for EPL2. It is a 2 page document, and has been set out in an A3 format, so that I can include more information. Not every item is filled in each visit, and sometimes I may change the focus of one of the cells. When printing, reduce it to A4. I hope you find it useful.


  1. Hi Jane,

    The image you have chosen, sums it all up really. Until now I did not even know these online storage facilities even existed and I am amazed at how easy they are to use (not so scary afterall).

    I have only investigated a few of these technologies, however, I will endeavour to use some of the technologies you have mentioned in the very near future.

    Kellie (Kellie e-learning expedition)

  2. Thanks Kellie - I wish that I had known about all of these wonderful sharing tools when I first started uni. I would at least have all my files in one place, instead of "all over the shop". I often wonder which stick I have things saved on or what folder have I stuck something in?

  3. Hey Jane,

    I am to amazed with all the storage facilities on the Web. It is so much easier to use once you know what you are doing.

    I have not had the problem of my computer breaking down (touch wood) but i can see how much of a nuisance it wold be to print everything off and file it away.

    I am definitely going to start using these resources as they take up less time and space.

    By the way, love the picture



  4. Thanks Cassie. I am also surprised at how easy everything is to use and access. How come we have never heard of all this "stuff" before?

    I'm telling all my non-uni working friends about all these wonderful tools. They are most excited by them and are planning on using them also.