Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music to my ears.

Incompetech is a great site for Royalty-Free music - such a range of styles for any mood or situation. I was successful in downloading some World music. My next problem was how to upload it to my blog. I know that Kerri has a great MixPod on her blog, and I wondered if I could create my own playlist. Unfortunately, I am still waiting on my confirmation email so that I can set up my account.

Not being one to give up easily, I looked at the blogs of my e-learning peers to see what they had achieved. Andrew's blog used a tool called to share his music. Yet another free sharing technology! I quickly set up an account and uploaded my royalty-free selections.

How can I use music in the classroom to engage my students? Knowing that I do not have a strong musical "smart" does not mean that I should not cater to the students that do. Background music, song, movement and dance are all ways that music can be used. In an early childhood classroom, music is an essential element. Nursery rhymes, repetitive songs all help with literacy. Movement and dance all help with gross and fine motor skills.

Music (and movement) can be a way to warm students up, and alternatively can be used as a calming activity (with meditation after lunch breaks, drawing to music). Music can be used to signal transitions - pack up time, lunch breaks. Background music can be used during quiet learning periods (independent reading, creative writing). Music can also create an awareness of culture.

A growing appreciation of copyright has made me realise what a wonderful resource a royalty-free site can be. I can use it for the classroom, as well as university presentations - remembering to give credit where credit is due.

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